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Ford builds a new Cobra Jet Mustang for its 50th anniversary

It's claimed to be the quickest factory Mustang ever

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet, and naturally Ford is building a short run of modern-day Cobra Jet drag cars to celebrate. It's going to build 68 of them (get it?) in either red or white. It's also claimed to be the quickest factory Mustang yet with a quarter-mile time in the mid-8-second range and a trap speed of over 150 mph. Technically, Joel Stocksdale

Ford Mustang Cobra Jet wheelies with abandon

Yes, that is a Ford Mustang Cobra Jet with its nose pointed toward the stars and its rear valance on the ground. Marvel at that image while you can, because the car doesn't maintain that posture for long. Once the front tires re-enter the Earth's atmosphere, the situation goes muddy quickly. There's a bounce or two, some sideways action and a few brief concrete kisses before the party comes to a complete stop. Anyone who says drag

Ford Racing debuts twin-turbo Mustang Cobra Jet Concept [w/video]

Last year at SEMA, Chevrolet absolutely stole the show with its COPO Camaro Concept. Not to be upstaged by their Bowtie counterparts, the boys over at the Blue Oval have countered with the car you see here, the Mustang Cobra Jet Concept. Built by Ford Racing and based on the Drew Phillips

Watch a COPO Camaro in the 8s out of the box

If this YouTube video is to be believed, then Chevrolet definitely did not forget to put the FAST in the COPO Camaro. Car number three and its 327-cubic-inch engine topped with the 4.0-liter blower ran what looks like an 8.88-second quarter-mile at the strip, out of the box.

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Ford Mustang Cobra Jet rumbles off the assembly line

Click above to view the first Cobra Jet coming off the assembly line

More pics of the new Mustang FR500CJ Cobra Jet

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Ford Mustang FR500CJ Cobra Jet

VIDEO: Ford Racing tests FR500CJ "Cobra Jet" Mustang

Click above to watch video after the jump