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Back in the first Ponycar era, a Ford Mustang packed with a Cobra Jet V8 was a mighty drag strip warrior. Better still was the Super Cobra Jet, augmenting the CJ's enhanced breathing with a stouter lower end. Either way, a 428-powered Mustang would tear off elapsed times in the high 13s - still fast today. Since the current Mustang is a headlong dive into nostalgia, it stands to reason that Ford's working up a new Cobra Jet and eyeing drag racing domination yet again. We have no details other than a video after the jump that shows an obviously tweaked Mustang making a quarter mile run at Milan Dragway in Michigan, but the actual car will be coming to SEMA very soon, so Ford Racing is likely making sure that nothing blows up once the package is offered for sale. We've sent in our resume for the job of drag-race test driver; shoot, you don't even have to steer!

[Source: YouTube]

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