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McLaren 720S Spa 68 edition honors McLaren's first F1 win

Two of the three cars have already sold

The three cars all wear MSO's Anniversary Orange paint similar to the color of the original 1968 M7A racing car.

McLaren will race the new 720S GT3 in Abu Dhabi

The 12 Hours endurance race will be the GT3's first competitive event

The 12 Hours endurance race will be the GT3's first competitive event.

McLaren names future Hyper-GT the Speedtail

Video shows the Speedtail name on car formerly known as BP23

McLaren has announced the new Ultimate Hyper-GT will be called the Speedtail instead of just "BP23."

Here are this year's top 5 automaker April Fools’ jokes

Some of them are more believable than others

April 1 is the wonderful day when PR departments really push themselves to top the zany jokes they came up with the previous year. And it's not just fast-food chains competing with each other, or breweries announcing they have released stuff like a fermented herring flavored beer: carmakers' media teams rarely miss out on the opportunity to play a little joke on their audience. Here are a few of our

New McLaren hybrid hypercar will be company's fastest ever

It'll be faster than the 243-mph McLaren F1

Will it top 250 mph?

McLaren's electric supercars are not quite there yet

Won't rush an EV to market that doesn't meet its performance standards

Hybrid tech is where it's at.

Future McLaren cars will be hybrids and autonomous

Supercar purists may want to get their torches and pitchforks out

Only limited-edition cars would come without hybrid tech.

McLaren boosts sales by 99 percent in 2016, moves 3,286 cars

The automaker posted its fourth consecutive year of profitability.

McLaren CEO says Apple takeover talks happened but didn't go anywhere

Ron Dennis’s ouster might have something to do with a takeover bid, too.

No bid, but there were talks.

McLaren will fight to stay independent

McLaren Automotive doesn't want to tie up with another carmaker, saying that its independence helps it stay nimble and keep up with advances in technology.

McLaren promotes new chief designer

As McLaren Automotive prepares to launch its new entry-level Sports Series, it has named its senior designer, Robert Melville, to the new role of Chief Designer. He'll continue to report to designer director Frank Stephenson.

McLaren Automotive posts first yearly profit

The automotive division of McLaren has just returned its first yearly profit, netting 4.5 million pounds ($7.5 million at today's rates) in pre-tax profit and 12.4 million pounds ($20.7 million) in operating profits on revenue of 285.4 million pounds ($478.1 million).

McLaren reinstates Ron Dennis as CEO

With new versions of the 12C coming out all the time, the new P1 still wowing crowds and additional projects underway, sports car fanatics might surmise that McLaren is doing pretty well for itself these days. But Formula One fans would likely disagree. After losing its longtime prodigy Le

McLaren gears up to celebrate 50 years of performance

It was back in 1963 that 26-year-old Bruce McLaren founded Bruce McLaren Motor Racing Ltd. in London with no more than a handful of dedicated employees. Today, nearly fifty years later, the McLaren Group employs more than 2,000 and is credited with developing, manufacturing and racing some of the world's greatest supercars on a global stage.

McLaren Automotive looks back on its first year

It's been one heck of a first year for McLaren Automotive. Since setting up shop twelve months ago, the Formula One team's new sportscar-making unit has sold over 1,000 examples of the MP4-12C supercar, but that's not the sum total of its achievements.

Watch the McLaren MP4-12C hit the dunes of Abu Dhabi

The Middle East is an enormously vital market for McLaren, and not just because its oil barons have the cash to buy as many MP4-12C supercars as they and every member of their family could possibly want. While the team has only won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix once and has yet to do the same at the Noah Joseph

McLaren dispersing top-secret Unit 2 collection to showrooms

If you've got the cash to place on the hood (or nose cone, as it were), most any Formula One team will sell you one of their old race cars. After all, they're not using them anymore, and it's a good way to raise funds to develop next year's car. But not McLaren. The team from Woking – one of the most successful in the series – doesn't sell its old cars, though with 176 grand prix victories, twelve drivers' championships and eight con

40% of McLaren MP4-12Cs bound for the U.S.

Niche automakers face a difficult decision: lay out the mountain of cash it takes to have their exotic rides certified for American roads, or save the money and miss out on one of the largest markets. McLaren Automotive had the new MP4-12C homologated for the United States, and now they're thankful that they did.

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McLaren spotted testing successor to the legendary F1

Rumors and conjecture will only get you so far, particularly when we're talking about the stratosphere of supercardom where speculation can disappear back into the ether from whence it came as quickly as it emerged in the first place. What we need to really anticipate the arrival of a new record-breaking hypercar is concrete evidence. And concrete evidence, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is what we have here before us today.

McLaren working on MP4-12C shooting brake?

Anything Ferrari can do, McLaren can do better. At least that's what the boys in Woking seem to believe. After all, McLaren has trounced Ferrari around the Formula One circuit for the past several years now. But while the British team has followed its Italian rival from grand prix racing into building supercars with the Noah Joseph

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