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NextEV's massively powerful electric racer filming something on the 'Ring

With a rumored debut coming next month, you've got to get your promo footage.

Blink and it's over.

NextEV chief Martin Leach praises Tesla Motors, sort of

NextEV electric supercar may start sales by the end of the year.

NextEV's Leach calls Tesla the equivalent of automaking 2.0, then says his company will be 3.0.

Martin Leach's secret EV startup revealed: NextEV

Company Wants To Build Supercar/EV That's Quicker Than The Model S

Martin Leach's Shanghai-based electric-vehicle startup is called NextEV and it looks to debut its first model next year.

Former Ford of Europe CEO working with secretive EV startup

Industry veteran and former Ford of Europe CEO Martin Leach resurfaces with an unnamed company working on an EV, based in China and California.

Fisker assets will be auctioned tomorrow, here's the situation today

The remains of Fisker Automotive - which might not even include the name and logo - are supposed to finally be sold off tomorrow, but the scene before the auction is anything but clear. As as reminder, the two bidding parties are Sebastian Blanco