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TVR forms a Le Mans partnership and returns to racing

Rebellion Racing LMP1 cars carry British sports car maker's name

The legendary British sportscar maker TVR hasn't been involved in motorsport for quite a while, as a decade ago it was unclear whether it would even be making cars in the future. But an upheaval is taking place under new management, and now TVR is returning to racing as it partners with Rebellion Racing from Switzerland.

Porsche could join Formula One by 2021

Changing engine regulations make F1 more enticing for Porsche

A number of manufacturers have left or will leave Le Mans prototype racing in favor of Formula E, but Porsche is also considering entering Formula One. Indeed, why not both?

How you can be part of an open-source Le Mans racer

Open-source software isn't a new thing, even in the world of racing. Just take a look at the gorgeous Project Cars video game to see what we mean. What is, unusual, though, is an open-source car. And we aren't just talking about any car - we're talking about an open-source Le Mans prototype. Oh yes.

Lotus stepping up to LMP1 in World Endurance Championship

Only a couple of years ago, it looked like the top tier of prototype endurance racing was in trouble. Peugeot shut down its program, leaving the LMP1 category all to Audi to dominate. Only six cars entered the Petit Le Mans in 2012, and the season was cut short. But the top class in the FIA World Endurance Championship has since blossomed. And it only looks poised to grow further.

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