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Sexual and racial harassment rampant at Ford Chicago plant, says report

Workers describe an atmosphere hostile to women and minorities.

Despite multimillion-dollar settlements, workers describe an atmosphere hostile to women and minorities.

Possible German factory strike threatens Tesla Model 3 deadline

Model 3 is expected to start deliveries in July

Workers at Tesla Advanced Automation Germany, which Tesla bought last year when it was called Grohman Engineering, may strike.

Lower US gas prices mean fewer jobs, study says

Higher SUV sales from lower fuel prices will eventually hinder industry.

Industry is investing $200 billion to boost fleetwide fuel efficiency, and will cut jobs if that investment isn't returned.

Dash cam shows cops pulling gun on couple during traffic stop

Footage released this week of a traffic stop in Indiana shows police throwing a man to the ground, pointing a gun at a woman in labor, and scheming to delete the video evidence of their dangerously mismanaged traffic stop.

Sergio: Two-tier wage structure eliminated in FCA deal with UAW [w/video]

Agreement Sets Stage for Ford, General Motors Negotiations With Union

The two-tiered wage structure that governs the way domestic car companies pay their unionized employees – and rankles many of them in the process – could soon be a thing of the past.

Foreign automakers pay from $38 to $65 per hour to non-union workers

A study of labor costs among foreign automakers in the US shows a ten-dollar gap between the per-hour rates of the domestics and the imports. The difference between the Detroit 3 and their import competition equates to $250 more in labor costs per car for the domestics.

Photographer Captures Woman Giving Birth In Car

Baby couldn't wait for trip to the hospital

A photographer in Australia captured some once-in-a-lifetime images of her client giving birth in a car on the way to the hospital.

Senator says VW will give CUV to Tennessee plant if they reject UAW

Corker has been "assured" a new CUV will come to the plant if it votes against the UAW

Suzuki reopens India plant post-riot with police outnumbering workers

Suzuki's plant in Manesar, India builds cars for Australia, specifically its Alto small car. Or at least they were building cars before violent worker riots forced the factory to close. The plant has been idled for five weeks as a result of worker violence that led to the death of one manager and 95 injuries. The riot was spurred over a labor dispute – specifically, a gulf in salar

Ex-GM workers in Colombia sew mouths shut in hunger strike [w/video]

Seven Colombian men, all former General Motors employees, have sewn their mouths shut as part of a hunger strike that is now in its third week. The demonstrators, stationed outside the U.S. embassy in Bogota, are protesting their termination from the GM Colmotores plant.

Fiat pondering closure of two Italian plants if American initiative fails

Fiat spent much of 2011 jousting with Italian labor unions over contracts and plant security. The matter was finally resolved in December when Fiat signed new labor agreements, but a sign of Fiat's take on the matter was its departur

Costco adds discounted auto parts, accessories and service for members

Costco has been in the car business for years, offering a few vehicles to members at attractive rates. The warehouse chain also sells tires and discounted fuel. Now Costco wants to take its discounting model right to the dealer service bay.

Gingrich says UAW to blame for hobbling U.S. industry

Proving that he is nothing if not predictable, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich blamed the United Auto Workers for the loss of American manufacturing jobs at a recent campaign appearance. Automotive News reports that Gingrich lauded the BMW factory in Spartanburg, SC, for being "vibrant" and mentioned Jeff Sabatini

UAW targeting VW and Mercedes for U.S. organizing drive

The United Autoworkers Union is struggling – and it is the first to admit it. With its membership dwindling after three decades of workforce cuts by Chrysler, Ford and General Motors, the union has pinned its future on organizing one of the transplants. Efforts to convince workers at Jap

UAW finally ratifies new Ford contract, more details revealed

The United Auto Workers have ratified a new four-year labor agreement with Ford by a two-to-one margin. The deal will see the automaker add 12,000 hourly jobs over the course of the term by bringing some production back into the U.S. from overseas. The agreement will also see Ford invest $16 billion in domestic product development and manufacturing during that time, as well. The automaker s

Chrysler and UAW reach tentative agreement on new contract

Maybe it was the Detroit Tigers decisive win in game three of the American League Championship Series, but something put the United Auto Workers and Chrysler negotiators in the mood to compromise last night. The Detroit News is reporting that the union announced a deal just before 7:00 AM today.

UAW, Ford reach tentative agreement [UPDATE]

Ford and the United Auto Workers have agreed to a tentative labor agreement, according to Automotive News. The pact makes Ford the second domestic automaker to come to reach an accord with the labor union, and the deal covers some 41,000 workers. The agreement is expected to be discussed in further detail during separate press conferences held by representatives from the Zach Bowman

Report: King pledges UAW to begin organizing transplants in January

According to Automotive News, UAW President Bob King has his eye on organizing labor forces at the manufacturing facilities of German and Asian automakers here in the States. At this point, it's unclear which automaker or which plant the UAW will attempt to organize first, though King has said that he has sent letters to the CEOs of the transplant automakers informing them of the union's

Ford hires U.S. military's virtual soldier as assembly line avatar

Santos, Ford's manufacturing avatar – Click above for high-res image gallery

Rally 'round the family: Ford backs up Chrysler's "weak" assessment of new CAW contract

GM just ratified an agreement with the Canadian Auto Workers union, and as soon as it did, Chrysler blasted it for being "weak." Chrysler's complaint was that the CAW didn't offer enough concessions to bring production costs into line with market realities. Now Ford has piped up in Chrysler's corner, saying "We believe the recently negotiated agreement between General Motors Canada and the Canadian Auto Workers will not keep Ford's Canadian operations competitive in today's global economy

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