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Huh, there's something funny about this funny car ...

Sure, all Funny Cars are a bit different. After all, they are so named 'cause they didn't quite look stock, hence the name "funny", according to the great and all-knowing Wiki. But, this one is even more strange in that it runs on 100 percent canola-based biodiesel, which enables the machine to travel the good old 1,320 in just 6.4 seconds at 250 mph. That is extremely fast in anyone's book.

Alan Mulally making friends fast, receives a raise

Alan Mulally went to Ford to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and now he'll be able to afford more Hubba Bubba. It's really a stock option bump -- from $5 to $6 million -- as a reward for taking FoMoCo by its earlobes and attempting to drag it out of the mire it's stuck in. We have seen more focus out of Dearborn as Mulally rallies the troops, and the compensation is recognition that the good fight is being waged. Intent on keeping its four-star general focused, the board has also allowed Mulally's

Mark Fields under fire for expensive flights home

Steve Wilson, a reporter for WXYZ Channel 7 in Detroit, has taken the President of the Americas for Ford Motor Company, Mark Fields, to task for the weekly flights the executive takes from Detroit to his home in Delray Beach, Florida. Fields uses a company jet for the flights, which itself isn't the issue since the trips are approved by his employment contract. Wilson, however, estimates that each weekly trip costs between $50,000 and $70,000, essentially an entire year's salary for many who wor

Top Gear fights for survival as BBC postpones show indefinitely

As Top Gear host Richard Hammond recovers from his 300-mph crash, the show's future remains in limbo. The crash occurred while filming a segment for the upcoming series, but with Hammond still in hospital with the full scope of his injuries still unknown, the new season is being postponed indefinitely.

Top Gear's Richard Hammond in critical condition

It's been a shocking day in the world of automotive journalism as we receive the terribly upsetting news that BBC Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond lies in a Leeds hospital in critical condition. Hammond was airlifted to the hospital following a terrifying crash at the wheel of a jet-powered car while filming a segment for the popular British car program.

Alternative jet fuels: Decades away?

While alternative automotive fuels are being produced and used at a record pace, alternative jet fuels are not receiving the same amount of attention. While it is not as obvious as pulling up to the pump every few days, increasing gas prices are having a significant impact on airline ticket prices. Both government and corporate researchers are investigating alternative fuels for commercial jet engines, but widespread use seems to be decades away. One major obstacle faced by alternative jet fuels

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