Friday Humor: The world's fastest port-a-potty

We have brought you stories of turning poo into power. We have shown that human waste can be converted to biofuel. And today, we show you the world's fastest port-a-potty. 'Cause when you gotta go, you gotta go. Perhaps this idea could be extended further. How about a closed loop system? I mean, if we can turn waste products into biofuels, why not just send them directly to the turbine engine. I've heard that jet turbines will run on almost anything, as long as it's combustible. So, this makes perfect sense, right?

This machine is piloted from the original toilet seat. Ingeniously, the fuel for the turbine is funneled in through the original urinal. The outhouse-turned-vehicle is known as "Port-O-Jet" and can travel at up to 46 miles per hour. You ask why. Paul Stender answers, "Why not?"


[Source: Popular Science]

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