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Self-driving cars can be fooled by fake signals

You'd think that self-driving cars would be most vulnerable to remote hacks, but the biggest danger may come from someone nearby with a handful of cheap electronics.

Breaking down vehicle weight-to-payload ratio

According to some numbers crunched by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), weight ratios in modern cars are creating a giant problem with overall efficiency. Car weights are climbing, but passenger loads aren't, and this is the truly limiting factor when it comes to energy efficiency.

No steering wheels, pedals or horns in cars by 2035, survey says

At what point does a car cease to be a car and start becoming a people-mover? One survey hints that we're less than two decades away from that eventuality. Whether auto enthusiasts think that's a good thing is another matter altogether.

Chevy Volt, cellulosic ethanol named two of the year's biggest losers

Every year, IEEE Spectrum puts together a list of the best and worst technologies and it turns out that two of 2009's biggest losers are the Chevrolet Volt and cellulosic ethanol. What

Plug-in hybrids gunning for support in D.C. tomorrow

Ride and Drive at last year's EDTA Conference.