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It's subtly different from the other Explorers we've seen

It's subtlely different from the other Explorers we've seen

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Aviator’s rear-drive platform will underpin the next Explorer

As we mentioned last night, underneath the new Lincoln Aviator "concept" there appears to be an independent rear suspension lifted right from the Ford Mustang parts bin. And while it's pretty cool on its face that Mustang rear-drive platform bits are being reused in the broader Ford universe, what this means for the next Explorer could be really cool.


Cryptic ‘performance utility’ also set for 2020

Ford Motor Co. is giving its SUV lineup a shot of adrenaline, confirming plans to add a smaller off-road vehicle to complement the upcoming Bronco and a sporty Explorer ST model. The company also teased the much-anticipated Shelby GT500 and Bronco in renderings released Thursday.

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It seems like the rumor might've been correct

The Edge ST looks to be getting a big brother.