TreeRover is a robot experiment that autonomously plants trees in areas that suffer from having none. The robot took 4 months to create and is the invention of two students from UVic Electrical and Computer Engineering. TreeRover is still being modified and enhanced to navigate further. Learn more at

Transcript: This robot plants trees to save the environment. TreeRover is a robotic experiment designed to plant trees in areas that suffer from having none.

Created by two UVic electrical and computer engineering students Nick Birch and Tyler Rhodes. TreeRover took 4 months to create. A treehopper on the TreeRover allows the placement of prepared young trees for planting. A spike tube pierces the ground and drops a tree from the treehopper. A foot piston finishes the job by filling the hole.

TreeRover is autonomous and plants trees without the help of human interaction. It's still in its beginning stages with hopes of adding all-terrain tires and improved navigation.

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