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Tesla almost doubled its staff in 2014

EV Maker Looks To Boost Deliveries By 70 Percent This Year

Tesla last year almost doubled its workforce to about 10,200 employees as it gets ready to increase production.

Lamborghini hired 192 new employees in 2014

Lamborghini may be a small company, but in a relatively massive expansion, it brought in 192 new technicians and specialists last year alone as it sped towards record sales figures.

Jeep employees pissed about Chrysler sale

After months of speculation, the Chrysler sale happened without too much fanfare on Monday morning, as Cerberus came out as the top bidder, and several potential investors came away empty-handed. One of the few groups vying for control of Chrysler was its own employees, and Automotive News is reporting that those UAW members feel they never got a real chance.

Ford begins denying buyout offer to white-collar workers

In a move that has reportedly irked some employees, Ford has had to renege on some of its buyout offers because an overwhelming number of responses were received from certain parts of the company. Since each department needs to keep some staff on hand, reports say that Ford has been forced to exercise its option of denying the buyouts to select folks. The fact so many employees were willing to leave the company certainly doesn't say much about the current level of confidence among the rank an

Bill Ford outlines 3-point plan to employees

In an effort to assuage the fear of his employees over the current direction of Ford Motor Company, Bill Ford sent out a company-wide memo on Friday that details a three-point strategy for ushering the Blue Oval out of hard times. The Detroit News describes the strategy in a nutshell as 1) fixing Ford's North American business, 2) leveraging the company's global assets, and 3) bolstering its leadership team from within and outside the company. Easier said than done, right?