Ford begins denying buyout offer to white-collar workers

Just last December, Ford accelerated its effort to reduce the company's white-collar workforce by 10,000 souls. Buyouts were offered with the hope that salaried employees would follow of the lead of hourly workers, who had already been offered packages. Unfortunately, in some areas of the company, workers are jumping ship faster than the company can let them.

In a move that has reportedly irked some employees, Ford has had to renege on some of its buyout offers because an overwhelming number of responses were received from certain parts of the company. Since each department needs to keep some staff on hand, reports say that Ford has been forced to exercise its option of denying the buyouts to select folks. The fact so many employees were willing to leave the company certainly doesn't say much about the current level of confidence among the rank and file. We informed you recently about the state of employee morale at the Blue Oval and we're guessing this isn't helping matters much. Just imagine how pleasant a co-worker will be if he or she has had to cancel retirement plans. They probably aren't the ones bringing in the danishes.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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