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Elio ditches powertrain plans, will source engine from an OEM, Roush

And since it's Roush, the engine is probably Ford's three-cylinder

It plans to develop the new engine with Roush.

Elio Motors delays three-wheeler launch, may be running out of cash

Elio Motors' three-wheeler gets pushed back to 2018.

Elio Motors' financials are grim.

Elio Motors E1c is the closest to production yet

New frame, new safety system make an appearance.

Similar on the outside, different on the inside.

Elio Motors' latest prototype ready for HVAC testing in Seattle

Three-wheeled high-MPG vehicles are slated to debut by next year.

Other Elio prototypes are being tested for anti-lock braking systems.

Elio's latest, more expensive trike coming to LA Auto Show

This one's the E1C.

Elio will be back, and the delayed delivery date is getting close.

Elio Motors raises price for reservation holders to $7,300

It used to be 'about $6,800,' so we can agree to disagree if it's really an increase.

Elio's three-wheeled vehicle should get up to 84 mpg.

Here's where you'll need a motorcycle license to drive an Elio

In some states, you'll need a helmet, too.

We expect Elio sales to be pretty low in West Virginia.

Elio taps The Onion in political ad for efficient trike

Satirist news site will work with Elio as company prepares product launch.

Three-wheel automaker Elio partners with satirist the Onion on election-themed marketing campaign.

Elio's 50% reservation bonus worth up to $500 ends this month

If you're confident in Elio, the company will repay you with a discount.

Elio Motors is offering a reservation bonus worth 50% of your money, up to $500 for a $1,000 non-refundable deposit.

Elio Motors completes 'final' design stage

With chassis design done, Elio shoots for deliveries by year-end.

High-MPG trike maker Elio Motors says it can start testing prototype for ride, safety.

Elio's new ePlus ordering system gets personal

Don't want a particular feature? Don't get it.

Elio Motors introduces the ePlus ordering system, which decouples particular features from any trim level or package, for use with its high-MPG trike.

Elio Motors delays most of its trike deliveries to 2017

There will be 100 high-mpg three-wheelers on the road soon, though

Elio Motors will get 100 of its pre-production trikes on the road by selling them to fleet customers in the fourth quarter of this year. The company will delay deliveries to people with reservations yet again.

Elio tells SEC it has lost $53M so far

Does Elio's OTC trading provide legitimacy?

Elio has begun selling shares on OTCQX. Does this prove it's not a scam?

Is the FTC hinting it will change US auto dealership laws?

Technically, It's Just Listening For Now

A day-long workshop on dealership laws in America shows that the FTC is listening to different voices on the issue. But what is it hearing?

Tesla, Elio, auto dealers talking to FTC today on direct sales

The FTC will hear eight hours of testimony on things like vehicle distribution, dealership locations, and direct vehicle sales today.

Elio will go public soon, use modular audio system from MTX

In Detroit, Paul Elio Explains How Things Will Work

Things are moving forward pretty much as planned for Elio Motors, the company that wants to make affordable, highly efficient three-wheelers in the US.

Elio's $25M public share offering will lead to 25 new test vehicles

High-MPG trike maker Elio will use $25 million raised by selling shares to the general public to make 25 test and engineering vehicles.

Elio Motors ready for $25 million stock sale

Cash Will Be Used In Part For More Testing Prototypes

Louisiana-based startup started putting out investment feelers in mid-June.

Los Angeles
Elio Motors brings refined 84 mpg P5 trike to LA

Deliveries Will Start In Late 2016, CEO Says

The latest prototype of the three-wheeled Elio vehicle was displayed at the 2015 LA Auto Show. Along with a few more details on deliveries and efficiency.

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