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Here are the top 3 car washing mistakes we can avoid and their simple solutions.


If your car's just a bit dusty, here's how to clean it super-quickly

Here's how to wash your car quickly and properly in just 15 minutes, without having to break out the tools and buckets.


What separates an old car from a classic? In many cases, not a lot. Beautiful sheet metal, a legendary powertrain or world-class performance could make a world of difference, and so can attention to detail.

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The C5 will be underpinned by an all-new platform with a longer wheelbase than the model it replaces. That means more room for Jacques and Jeanne plus extra luggage space so you can fit in those super-long baguettes. Power comes from a range of engines including Citroen's new 173-hp 2.2-liter HDI and 2.7-liter V6 diesel co-developed with Ford, as well as a whole menu of conventional gasoline engines with a 3-liter V6 leading the charge up the Bastille. The front wheels are driven through a choic