Spionaggio! new Fiat 500 pics leaked

If you ask us, it's a good thing Fiat has resisted the urge to branch out of automobiles and into boat manufacturing, because as it stands, they've got far too many leaks. The latest are a series of photos and details of the upcoming highly-anticipated 500, ostensibly leaked from Fiat in a slide show for internal consumption. Silly Italians, didn't you know we'd get our hands on it?

The photos show what appears to be the production version of the retro ultra-mini. And not just one or two shots, either. Here we get a host of photos from various angles, in various colors, inside and out, and outlining a wide range of customizable options that, as promised, will give customers the freedom to make their 500 their own.

After the jump you'll find photos showing interior options, a cargo compartment organizer, exterior luggage rack, a number of different wheel options, exterior badging and decals... even customizable keys with faceplates like a Nokia cellphone (not a bad idea).

[Source: WorldScoop via Jalopnik via Carscoop]

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