SEMA 2006: No 4.2L Cummins in Jeep Wrangler concept

What's going on with the Jeep Wrangler diesel concept vehicle on display in the Mopar booth at the SEMA Show? An early news release said it sports a 4.2-liter V6 diesel engine. The wheelstand sign says 4.2-liter diesel engine. We've heard Cummins say they're building a 4.2-liter diesel for light-duty DaimlerChyrsler applications. But peeking under the hood I find a 3.0-liter common-rail diesel engine. None of the Mopar personnel on duty would talk, just saying that it's a concept vehicle and can't explain the sign. We know that Jeep will offer a 3.0-liter CRD, which is made by Mercedes-Benz, in the 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee. So it appears that someone at Jeep is having too much fun teasing us about the possibility of Cummins engine in a Wrangler. Judging by the response from our earlier post, maybe Jeep should rethink its concept.

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