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It's not a walk in the PRNDL.

While it has some recognizable features like four wheels, headlights, a windshield and a steering wheel, a hundred-year-old car like the Model T is quite different to drive than anything more modern, or mid-century. The pedals on the floor control the planetary gear transmission, and throttle was adjusted by a lever on the steering wheel, as was spark. There were brake drums only in the rear of the vehicle, and since there's no fuel pump, steep hills have to be negotiated in reverse.

Car Buying

Can you ask for anything more than the Cordoba's workmanship?

What do we know about the Chrysler Cordoba? Well, most everyone connects the Cordoba nameplate instantly to thoughts of soft Corinthian leather – upholstery that even the spokesman himself, the late Ricardo Montalban, admitted means "nothing. What does 'David Letterman' mean?"

Car Buying

455 cubic inches of V8, 225 inches of Buick.

Just look at that crease running down the sides.

Car Buying

A classic British bruiser lurks in our reader classifieds section.

Big torque, and perhaps big maintenance bills, but enough luxury to overcome the headache?

Casey's 1994 BMW 530i wagon classified ad – Click above to watch video after the jump

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