Autoblog's free Readers' Used Car Classifieds section is a great place to list your car for sale, and because these are readers they often list really interesting cars. Occasionally we find interesting listings in our what's special about them. This 1920 Ford Model T was listed for sale at the time of this writing, but if the listing expires by the time you read this, feel free to browse for other great finds.

Are you a manual transmission enthusiast? Does "rowing your own" make you feel like you're more in charge of your car's controls rather than just leaving it in D and forgetting about it? Boy, do we have a car for you.

While it has some recognizable features like four wheels, headlights, a windshield and a steering wheel, a hundred-year-old car like the Model T is quite different to drive than anything more modern, or mid-century. The pedals on the floor control the planetary gear transmission, and throttle was adjusted by a lever on the steering wheel, as was spark. There were brake drums only in the rear of the vehicle, and since there's no fuel pump, steep hills have to be negotiated in reverse.

Some cars manufactured after 1920 actually had battery-powered starter motors for a more modern touch. The 1920 car found on Autoblog Readers' Classifieds, however, still proudly displays a hand crank. The entire operating procedure of a Model T is described in great detail at enthusiast sites such as, but shifting a modern car is a piece of cake compared to the real work involved in driving a Model T. Trust us – a couple of Autoblog editors have learned, and it's not easy.

But it is rewarding when you get it down, and despite only having 20 horsepower on a good day, a Model T is a lot of fun once under way. Learning all its quirks, and keeping it running, will add to the fun of what's more a hobby than a legitimate form of transportation these days.

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