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Unicorn leads California Highway Patrol on three-hour chase

The California Highway Patrol has a long and illustrious history with many sterling achievements. Now, after a strange three-hour chase outside of Fresno last week, they can add "Unicorn Recovery" to that list.

Good Samaritans Save Car Crash Victim From Fire

Police are looking for the SUV that caused the crash

‚ÄčA California woman survived a fiery crash thanks to the kindness of strangers.

Man Caught On Camera Throwing Cans, Yelling Racial Slurs At Another Driver

The victim says the driver was yelling racist slurs

This video shows how ugly people can be toward other drivers. Driver and Reddit user affirmationuncertain was the victim of racist-tinged road rage on the freeways outside of Los Angeles this weekend, and he caught it all on camera.

Ten Elderly Women Escape Limo Fire

Just one month after a limo fire killed 5 people.

Another frightening limousine fire in California, only this time the car was full of elderly women. Elain Lofchie was celebrating her 90th birthday with six friends and three caregivers when the 2008 Lincoln Town car stretch limo they were sitting in caught fire.

Road Rage Brawl Between Trucker And Driver Caught On Camera

A truck driver threatened a commuter with lead pipe, threw something at his car

This video serves as a startling reminder that road rage can escalate quickly into a life threatening situation. In a incident that spanned three freeways in Huntington Beach, Calif., a big rig driver threw something at Richard Brun, a commuter heading down the 605 freeway.

Reporter Gets Drunk To Test Proposed BAC Limit

Under new limit drunk driving would be at .05 BAC

Earlier this week, the National Transportation Safety Board recommended the drunk-driving limit be lowered from .08 to .05 blood alcohol content. To test the new limit, News 10 reporter Suzanne Phan drank two beers in 20 minutes. Here's what happened.

Snake In A Car Catches Driver By Surprise

A California woman manages to pull over after finding a large snake in her car

A California woman gets an unwelcome surprise slithering around her leg while driving down the freeway

Video: Biker lowsides on Mulholland, gives CHP an excuse

How not to ride your Kawasaki - Click above to view the video after the jump

Video: San Diego 'runaway Prius' has media buzzing

Runaway Prius in San Diego – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Motor4Toys holiday toy drive this Sunday, 12/3/06

If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area (as is half the Autoblog team this week while covering the LA Auto Show), mark your calendar if you haven't already, for the annual Motor4Toys charity toy drive. The Motor4Toys event will be held this Sunday, December 3, so if you haven't signed up yet, please make sure you have an unwrapped new toy (or six) worth at least $10 to donate, and hustle over to Motor4Toys to register. You will make many people very h