Stolen T-Bird recovered after three decades

In 1976, the Palo Alto, California owner of a 1956 Ford Thunderbird had his car stolen from him. In an unwitting stroke of fortune, he still lives not far from where his baby was taken. This week, he got a call -- thirty-one years later -- that his 51-year-old car has been found in Southern California. Turns out a SoCal woman bought it from a seller in Ohio, but had to get help with the VIN number from the California Highway Patrol. When they ran the mismatching VIN numbers, they realized it was stolen, and then tracked down the records of the owner. Even better for the now-restored owner: the car is still in "cherry" condition, and has only 24,979 miles on it. (The '56 Thunderbird in the pic isn't the actual stolen car.)

Thanks for the tip, Chuck!

[Source: Sports Car Market magazine]

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