King snake in woman's car
Driving is statistically more dangerous than flying, so it was only a matter of time before a threat reserved for the skies [Snakes on a Plane], and also a train in one very bad movie sequel [Snakes on a Train] invaded our cars. We're talking about @#$% snakes in a @#$% car.

CBS Los Angeles KCAL 9 reported Angie Guerrero was driving in Santa Clarita when she felt slithering around her leg. She looked down to find a large King snake had made its way to the driver's seat. While the King snake looks like its poisonous cousin, the Coral snake, it is harmless--though no less terrifying when surprising a driver cruising down the freeway.

Guerrero admitted she almost hit another car, but moved to the shoulder safely and called 911. California Highway Patrol took forty-five minutes to capture the snake from its hiding place in Guerrero's dashboard.

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