The California Highway Patrol has a long and illustrious history with many sterling achievements. Now, after a strange three-hour chase outside of Fresno last week, they can add "Unicorn Recovery" to that list. On February 24, a pony named Juliette was all dolled up as a unicorn in a fuzzy pink halter and fake horn for a children's photo shoot in Madera Rancheros, California. She seems to have objected to the working conditions, however, because she escaped twice during the evening's festivities. The first time she was recovered easily by her handler. The second time she was more determined, and slipped away into the city unnoticed and completely disappeared.

Juliette's escape, and numerous calls to 911 reporting a unicorn cavorting along Avenue 12, set off a desperate three-hour unicorn hunt. KTLA reports that the CHP even deployed a helicopter with a thermal imaging rig to help find the wayward unicorn as night fell. Eventually, searchers found Juliette in a nearby orchard, a well-known haunt of unicorns and other mythical creatures. To capture the skittish unicorn, Renee Pardy, a neighbor of Juliette's owner, rode into the orchard on her own horse Shady. Comforted by the presence of her friend and neighbor Shady, Juliette was easily led out of the orchard where she was bundled into her trailer and returned to her stable.

After her ordeal, Juliette was reunited with her owner and best friend, five-year-old Tatum. While this story has a happy ending, Juliette is still in some hot water for bolting from her event.

"She getted (sic) a time out," Tatum told KTLA. "Because she was a bad pony."

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