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Celebrate the Chevy Camaro's birthday by looking at its history

A remarkably classy affair for a car that's had its share of ups and downs.

The Chevy Camaro 50th Anniversary Edition is a remarkably classy affair for a car that has had its fair share of ups and downs.

Ferrari celebrates its founder's birthday

Today is Enzo Ferrari's birthday. If he were still alive, he'd be 118 years old. But what would he have to say about the company he started if he were around to see it?

World's greatest son gives dad a '57 Chevy for his 57th birthday

After watching this video, we're not sure which is a more sure-fire way to make a man cry happy tears: hand him the keys to the car of his dreams, or show him how much his children love him. In this case, it was

Dad Invites Lamborghini Owners To Son's Birthday Party

Young boy goes for the ride of his life

One of my defining moments as a budding car enthusiast came the first time I saw a Lamborghini up close. I was in Los Angeles visiting a relative with my mother and sister, and I took the change of scenery from my Midwestern home as an opportunity to look for more exotic cars than I'd otherwise encounter through my middle-class upbringing.

World's Best Dad invites Lamborghini owners to son's birthday party

The resulting unalloyed joy, as you'll see in the footage below, is priceless.

This unique '64 Mustang was Edsel Ford II's first car

You probably had the same dream when you were a teenager. Your sixteenth birthday is coming up, or Christmas, or maybe both, and all you want is a muscle car to call your own. That dream has come true for some, and one of them was none other than Edsel Ford II.

Happy 60th to the VW Karmann Ghia

Volkswagen's product portfolio may be as extensive these days as any other carmaker in the business. But if you still think of the original Beetle as synonymous with the brand, that's probably because a) you're old and b) the Beetle was the company's only product until the mid-50s.

Volkswagen Passat turns 40

Seven generations of Passat have graced streets around the world, and today is the long-running Volkswagen's 40th birthday. Looking at the car today, it's hard to imagine that it was offered as a hatchback in its first and second generations, in addition to the sedan and wagon body styles. But there's no question Volkswagen has sold a lot of Passats over the years, with over 20 million prod

Ethanol advocates poke fun at Big Oil with "Century of Subsidies" party

No one would mistake a bunch of ethanol advocates for the folks at Second City, but we give the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) and the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) credit for injecting a little humor into their political statements.

Happy 311th birthday, Detroit!

Detroit's significance to the history of the automobile is inarguable, and that makes it the only metropolis in America that we care to note when another candle is added to its cake. Today, the town that's known as both the Motor City and Motown celebrates its 311th birthday. It was founded on July 24, 1701 by French explorer Antoine de la Mothe, sieur de Cadillac, whose name was later immortalized as General Motors' luxury car brand.

Bugatti says "Happy Birthday" with unique Veyron Super Sport Edition Merveilleux

It's not every day that a unique Bugatti debuts. But it sure seems that way. The ultra-high-end automaker cranks out unique one-off versions of the Veyron for discerning and well-heeled customers around the world, and this is their latest.

Sixty years of Volkswagen's Beetle

The Volkswagen Company turned sixty years old last week. In July 1946, German dealerships Gottfried Schultz in Essen and Raffay & Co. in Hamburg, Germany received their first Beetle sedans (saloons).