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Top Gear's Chris Harris crashes Porsche 911 GT3 Touring in Wales

No injuries, but the Porsche looks worse for wear

Harris also later confirmed that speed wasn't a factor in the crash.

It's the beginning of the end for the Top Gear test track

The UK government sticks with the plan to repurpose the site

The last episode of the latest BBC Top Gear season was just shown in the UK. If that makes you sad, there's another reason to feel wistful: as has been reported for over a decade now, the Dunsfold Aerodrome runway and Top Gear test tack will eventually be replaced by housing. Last week the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government personally greenlit the project.

Top Gear season 25 opens with a V8 roadtrip through America

It's classic Top Gear all the way to 200 mph.

There's even a glimpse of The Stig.

New ‘Top Gear’ season begins March 3 on BBC America

UK viewers get to see it starting Feb. 25 - here's a preview

There will be cars.

‘Top Gear’s’ Chris Harris, Eddie Jordan escape a burning Alpine A110

The French sports car caught fire at a Monte Carlo Rally stage.

In the end, there wasn't much left of the Alpine.

Was a Canadian serviceman buried under the Top Gear test track during WWII?

The legend keeps surfacing, unlike the body.

Plans to construct affordable housing on the Dunsfold Aerodrome site were greenlit in December.

The latest Top Gear episode travels the Pacific Coast Highway

And then heads to the Mojave Desert.

The Ford GT looks great at Laguna Seca, too.

Episode three of BBC Top Gear is Volvo-shreddingly good

And yeah, there are running cars and running jokes too.

Episode 2 confirms it: BBC 'Top Gear' is watchable again

This is now what to expect from 'Top Gear.'

Which supercar would you use year round?

New BBC Top Gear season is off to a great start

If BBC TG is a town, the boys are back in it.

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BBC Top Gear team turned back from Moscow Airport

£500,000 wasted due to unpredictable border trouble

At this point, it feels like a behind-the-scenes documentary of BBC Top Gear would be just as much worth seeing as the actual show that is being produced.

Richard Hammond unhappy, fed up with being the cuddly Hamster on Top Gear

He's known as the Hamster, but perhaps Richard Hammond would prefer a nickname not based on a small animal that many find cute. It seems Hammond, who makes up one third of the Top Gear UK presenters trio, is a bit miffed at the way his character has shaken out. While Clarkson and May have been allowed to form defined personas, UK's celebrity dish Daily Star reports that Hammond feels he is simply being pigeonholed as the cute little guy who had a big crash.

Top Gear to recreate the Italian Job Mini sewer chase scene in Belfast?

It's been six years since director F. Gary Gray assembled an all-star cast including Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Edward Norton, Jason Statham and Donald Sutherland to recreate the Michael Caine classic The Italian Job. And though the remake bore little resemblance to the original, the one part which the modern pretenders made sure to include was a recreation of the famous Mini police chase scene. Leave it to the Brits, though, to reclaim their national treasure, as new reports indicate that

Gambon Street? Project reportedly afoot to turn Top Gear test track into housing development

Come on, England: Leave Top Gear alone. We know they can make a lot of noise and take away air time from your precious Antiques Roadshow, but deep down inside you know you love them as much as we do. And don't try to deny it: the ratings don't lie. So isn't it about time everyone just leave Jeremy Clarkson & Co. to do what they do best in peace and calm?

NBC working on Top Gear remake for the States

Bionic Woman. Knight Rider. And now....Top Gear? NBC, America's remake network, has ordered a pilot of an Americanized Top Gear. Expect to see all the usual Top Gear conventions, including three presenters; a masked Stig-like driver; a private test track; taping in a hangar before a live audience; and (probably D-List) celebs driving midsize cars. Unfortunately, you won't see the program's British hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond. And this is where it gets dicey. You see, t