Come on, England: Leave Top Gear alone. We know they can make a lot of noise and take away air time from your precious Antiques Roadshow, but deep down inside you know you love them as much as we do. And don't try to deny it: the ratings don't lie. So isn't it about time everyone just leave Jeremy Clarkson & Co. to do what they do best in peace and calm?

The local townsfolk and big business are at it again, arguing over a new residential development that's slated to be built on the Dunsfold Aerodrome. We know, who cares, right? Well, the Dunsfold Aerodrome has another name: the Top Gear test track. Yeah, you're listening now. Real estate development firm Rutland Group is planning a 2,600-home eco-village on the property with a loan secured from the Royal Bank of Scotland. Locals are organizing against the plan, but to make things just a tad more complicated, RBS was recently nationalized by the British government, making this a political issue as well. Considering that the BBC (which produces Top Gear) is also a crown corporation, this is bound to get messy.

[Source: UTV]

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