BBC Top Gear team turned back from Moscow Airport

£500,000 wasted due to unpredictable border trouble

The twists and turns of the rebooted Top Gear are reaching Spinal Tap–esque levels, as sources now claim that three hosts ended up stranded in Moscow on their way to Kazakhstan to film material for the show. This after the continuing drama of a poorly-planned stunt and questions about Chris Evan's work ethic. We're not going to compare the latest iteration of Top Gear to Fitzcarraldo yet, but it's not far off at this point.

According to the BBC, the airliner carrying Rory Reid, Sabine Schmitz and Eddie Jordan along with 40 Top Gear film crew members was ultimately not permitted to fly from the Sheremetyevo airport to Kazakhstan. As their visas were in order and the reason for grounding the flight lay between the Russian Aeroflot airline and Kazakhstani officials, this was not a fault of the Top Gear team in any way. But still turning back with no footage after spending as much as £500,000 on the trip is more than frustrating. The BBC is reportedly looking to recoup these costs, and Top Gear intends to return to Kazakhstan in the future to shoot the planned segment.

Let's just hope the studio sets have been built in the correct height.

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