It's been six years since director F. Gary Gray assembled an all-star cast including Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Edward Norton, Jason Statham and Donald Sutherland to recreate the Michael Caine classic The Italian Job. And though the remake bore little resemblance to the original, the one part which the modern pretenders made sure to include was a recreation of the famous Mini police chase scene. Leave it to the Brits, though, to reclaim their national treasure, as new reports indicate that the BBC's hit car show Top Gear is planning a reenactment of their own.

Both the 1969 original and the 2003 remake featured scenes where the protagonists evade police pursuit in the sewers hauling millions of dollars worth of gold bars. The original was set in Turin but shot in Coventry (whose sewer system was then under construction) while the remake was set in Los Angeles, but Top Gear is gearing up to shoot in Belfast. Okay, you figure, Top Gear has set up lots of off-the-wall races already, right? This segment was actually pitched to the TG crew by the local water company, eager to promote the £100m new works project that has been under way since 2005 to replace the Victorian-era plumbing system in the Northern Ireland. Thanks for the tip, Sam... this ought to be good.

[Source: BBC | Image: Steve Finn/Getty]

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