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British copper pelted by bricks during traffic stop

Two Volvo-driving English vagrants are behind bars today after pelting police officers with bricks during a traffic stop.

Knife-wielding man rides hood of car through 7 towns

When a jealous boyfriend came at him with a knife, Dwayne Harvard drove off with the assailant on the hood, through seven successive communities. Now the driver's facing criminal charges.

Letterbombs in UK target motoring authorities

The UK at the moment is being terrorized by a series of letterbomb attacks that seem to target the country's motoring authorities, including the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), an accountancy firm associated with Speed Check Services that provides digital speed cameras to the country's law enforcement, and the London offices of Capita that runs the city's congenstion charge system. So far, four letterbombs have exploded since last Saturday. In to