Letterbombs in UK target motoring authorities

The UK at the moment is being terrorized by a series of letterbomb attacks that seem to target the country's motoring authorities, including the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), an accountancy firm associated with Speed Check Services that provides digital speed cameras to the country's law enforcement, and the London offices of Capita that runs the city's congenstion charge system. So far, four letterbombs have exploded since last Saturday. In total, seven people have been injured, including three women in the latest attack at the DVLA in South Wales, one of whom was hospitalized. Though the first attack, which targeted a 53-year-old man at his home in Kent, doesn't appear to be related to the other bombings, police are still investigating if there's a connection. Car enthusiast groups and critics of speed cameras being used in the country have been quick to disassociate themselves with the attacks, which are really being classified now as terrorist attacks though they were likely perpetrated by a native individual or group.
[Source: Thisislondon.co.uk]

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