Four videos have surfaced showing what is understood to be the destructive aftermath following news of Aptera's closure last week. Without knowing for certain what's happening, the videos appear to depict employees (or former employees) laughing as they trash prototype bodyshells of the three-wheeled, hyper-efficient vehicle.

Using a forklift, the people in the videos crush a bodyshell against the wall, drop on from on high and then put it into a dumpster. At the end of the first video, someone says, "None of this shit ends up on YouTube." In another, an off-screen voice asks, "How much do you think these videos are worth?" Well, now that they're publicly available, not much, but at the very least, these videos suggest that the shells were pretty sturdy. That's worth something, right?

This all has the potential to go from bad to worse very quickly. Steve Fambro, Former Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of Aptera, wrote on the Aptera forum that, "There is no viable or logical reason for this to have been done, only to prevent the founders from ever seeing their functioning works again."

Earlier, Aptera co-founder Chris Anthony wrote on the Aptera forum that the overall plan for the company once it went out of business was to put the assets into:

a trust with a very well respected Managed Liquidation Company. Their responsibility is to maximize the value of the remaining assets for the benefit of debt and share holders. There are no employees at Aptera and no Board of Directors. Everything that is Aptera, in terms of assets and IP, are now held by the Managed Liquidation Company.

This process to establish how the liquidation will occur has begun, but will take several weeks to be fully defined. Eventually, the assets will be auctioned off to the highest bidder to do with what they choose.

It is the responsibility of the managed liquidation company to protect Aptera's assets and maximize their value now. They were there when the doors were closed and hold the only access to these assets now.

Nothing will be destroyed, taken away, or otherwise impacted in a way that value will be decreased

We're not sure how these videos change that statement, but you can watch them all after the jump.

*UPDATE: Aptera informs us these are old videos. Full explanation after the jump.

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There have been several recent videos posted on YouTube showing the demolition of a small number of untrimmed Aptera vehicle bodies. The videos were taken approximately eight months ago at Aptera's Oceanside facility, which the company officially exited in May 2011. However, the posters of these videos have tried to portray these clips as an angered response from Aptera employees at the recent closure of the company. These claims are completely false.

The bodies in question were not slated for demolition because on any ill will or malice from any member of the company present or past. These particular 2e's were defective and/or obsolete development properties that no longer had any value to the company. We destroyed the bodies because they were unsafe for use as a vehicle -- with high potential for loss of life if they were involved in a crash. (This is evidenced by the upper body and lower skins separating from each other on impact.)

While the company often engages in technology sharing with academic institutions (area elementary, middle and high schools, universities and museums, we never released vehicle assets that had the potential of being misused and resulting in physical harm or loss of life.

Contrary to the stories that have been written recently, there was no destruction of company property during the closure of Aptera. It is appalling how low journalism in the internet age has sunk in pursuit of sensationalism. In fact, our employees exited the building honorably and professionally. The accusations that have been made to the contrary are insulting and demonstrate the kind of uninformed defamation that diminishes the all of Aptera's efforts and undermines the work of everybody committed to perpetuating clean transportation.

Finally, there are currently seven prototypes of the Aptera 2e concept inside our former headquarters in Carlsbad, Calif. These prototypes reflect every generation of Aptera vehicle body ever created, from the very first tested concept vehicle (built by the founders) to the most recent prototype that was campaigned at the Automotive XPRIZE. An eighth prototype resides at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Incidentally, none of these vehicles have been damaged in anyway.

Thank you for your support,

Aptera Marketing
Aptera Motors Inc.

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