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The never-ending attempted flight of the Aptera three-wheel design continues. After years of struggles and a bankruptcy in 2011, the Aptera assets were revived last year by a Chinese company, Zap Jonway. Zaptera USA, which now owns the Aptera Motors assets, has announced that Aptera will be split into two companies.

One, Zaptera, will stay at it is, and "will retain the same Owners, Board Directors and Officers," according to a press release emailed to us. Zaptera will focus on China and will mass-produce an all-electric Aptera 2e at a manufacturing facility owned by the Jonway Group. The other company, Aptera USA, is splitting off to become independent. It will be run by CEO Richard Deringer, who told Gizmag in no uncertain terms that Zap Jonway is not in the picture. "We have nothing to do with Zap Jonway. We wish them well in trying to survive, but we don't want any association with them," he said.

Aptera USA, owned in the US and focused on selling cars here, will offer both a 2g (gas-powered Aptera) and a handmade-in-the-US version of the 2e, to be built in Santa Rosa, CA. Aptera USA is also apparently going to look into building trucks and motorcycles, a hybrid vehicle and "new vehicles with further advanced body improvements, including quick charge battery technology." Despite the info in the press release, the company website remains annoyingly vague on the whole matter.

The website does talk about "a portfolio of vehicles priced from the high $20,000s to the mid $40,000s in a variety of powertrain options that include plug-in electric and range-extended electric drive" and has at least one mention of 200 mpg. In the good old days, the original Aptera was said to have a 20-kWh battery pack from A123 Systems that offered about 114 miles of range. After all the ups and downs, though, who knows where the story goes from here.
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Zaptera USA, Inc., the Company that purchased the assets of Aptera Motors has moved forward splitting the Company into two separate and independent corporations. Zaptera USA, Inc. will retain the same Owners, Board Directors and Officers. However the second Company will become a separate independent Company under new US ownership, with new officers of the Company. This new Company will become Aptera USA. The company will be housed in its current manufacturing warehouse and assembly space in Santa Rosa, California.

The Aptera USA CEO will become Richard Deringer, who has extensive knowledge in Green Technology, Urban Smart Growth Development, and Electric Car Design and Manufacturing. Zaptera USA, Inc. will continue to build in China a mass produced version of the Aptera 2e vehicle at the manufacturing facility of the Jonway Group. Aptera USA will move forward to develop and build a "Gas Powered" "2g" version of the Aptera vehicle, while also producing a US handmade version of the electric Aptera "2e" vehicle. It is estimated that the gas powered vehicle will produce in excess of 100 miles per gallon, mainly due to its composite light weight construction and aerodynamic USA designs.

Aptera USA will also concentrate on developing an Electric Motorcycle Division and a Truck Division for future development, all under the Aptera USA name. After careful consideration, due to the magnitude of loyal Aptera fans and family, Aptera USA determined that it was in the best interest to produce a USA designed and USA made vehicle. Initial production is planned for its Santa Rosa manufacturing facility with a new planned manufacturing facility coming soon to Southern California. Aptera USA will, after completion of the "2e" and "2g" models, concentrate on various new products, including a future hybrid version and new vehicles with further advanced body improvements, including quick charge battery technology. Richard Deringer for Zaptera USA, Inc. and Aptera USA.

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