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William Shatner riding cross country on Rivet V8-powered trike on June 23

William Shatner is riding cross country in June on his V8-powered Rivet trike on a trip partially to promote the American Legion.

Shatner's Rivet motorcycle to enter limited production with CTS-V engine [w/video]

The William Shatner co-designed Rivet One trike with a Cadillac CTS-V's supercharged V8 is going into limited production, on a build-to-order basis. Shatner is riding one from Chicago to Los Angeles laster this year.

William Shatner to ride this art-deco trike across the US

The three-wheeled Rivet One isn't a motorcycle or a trike, it is referred to as a "land jet," and it is what William Shatner's imagination looks like. Yes, that William Shatner, who says he plans to ride the Rivet One from Chicago to LA this summer.