William Shatner to ride this art-deco trike across the US

The three-wheeled Rivet One isn't a motorcycle or a trike, it is referred to as a "land jet," and it is what William Shatner's imagination looks like. Yes, that William Shatner, who will be referred to as William "Iron Bill" Shatner from now on. But let's step back a bit: an employee at Illinois company American Wrench, a motorcycle fabrication firm that's provided frames to Orange County Choppers among others, met Shatner in an autograph line and suggested that he let American Wrench build a bike for him.

The product of that labor is the Rivet One. Its front wheel is steered with a single-sided swingarm with some sort of linkage to some strange-looking handlebars. Behind that wheel is a V8. Ignore the renderings we have so far, that single seat will be expanded to two seats, and they will be covered by some kind of canopy. We're going to guess there's a trunk somewhere in between the independent rear suspension for those two rear wheels, and those extended red points jutting off the back are the taillights. All of that rivet-heavy bodywork is hand-formed aluminum, inspired by airplanes and covering a powertrain said to be " similar to that found on a modern Corvette." Shatner says he also wants wheelie bars, but we're not sure if he's kidding about that bit.

The 'land jet,' though, is serious: Shatner says he's going to ride it from Chicago to Los Angeles this summer, Rivet has said it will produce the Rivet One for private buyers and is working on a less expensive model for those who don't have Iron Bill's interstellar pockets.

You can check out Motor Trend's write-up on it and its origins, but first watch the videos above and below to get yourself ready. We're still asking ourselves, "What is it, Spock?"

Superheroes Wanted - A Look At The Machine from Rivet on Vimeo.

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