Shatner's Rivet motorcycle to enter limited production with CTS-V engine [w/video]

William Shatner has entertained the world for decades, from playing Captain Kirk on Star Trek to covering songs like Rocket Man and Common People. Now in his 80s, Billy Shatz has embarked on one of his weirdest projects yet: helping to design the wild Rivet One trike with motorcycle fabrication company American Wrench. Now, you can order one too with power as crazy as the three-wheeler's design.

We last saw the Rivet One's aluminum body with the styling like a menacing, art-deco easy chair a few months ago, but now Shatner has started talking about the trike's powerplant, which is based around the heart of a Cadillac CTS-V. "It's a beast with advanced guts. It's powered by an all-aluminum, computer-controlled, supercharged and intercooled V8 engine – producing over 500 HP," Shatner said to Gizmag.

Keep an eye out because Shatner intends to captain the Rivet One from Chicago to Los Angeles later this year. Also, if you want a ride like Captain James T. Kirk, the company is taking requests for the trike, made on a build-to-order basis after completing Shatner's job, according to Gizmag. Prices aren't announced yet but expect the number to be as out of this world as a voyage of the Enterprise. The video below provides a further look at the Rivet One's unconventional design.

Superheroes Wanted - A Look At The Machine from Rivet on Vimeo.

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