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Marchionne takes total control of Ferrari as CEO and chairman

Amedeo Felisa has stepped down from his role as Ferrari CEO, his duties passing to an overworked Sergio Marchionne immediately.

Ferrari CEO could retire Friday letting Marchionne step in

Marchionne would be chairman and CEO.

Insiders suggest Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa could retire this week at the company's investors meeting.

Marchionne could become Ferrari CEO

Sergio Marchionne may be appointed in the other top spot at Ferrari to become the sports car brand's CEO soon. He's already the Italian company's chairman.

Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa reportedly stepping down [UPDATE]

Rumors in the Italian media indicate that Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa is stepping down from the company.

Ferrari to keep CEO Amedeo Felisa post spin-off

Ferrari is undergoing a big shakeup, and not just on the Formula One racing grid. It's just parted ways with its longtime chairman, is being spun off from the rest of the Fiat Ch

These are the front-runners to take over at Ferrari

Which One Of These Men Will Fill Montezemolo's Shoes?

Yesterday Ferrari announced a changing of the scarlet-clad guard with the departure of longtime chairman Luca di Montezemolo. Having run the company since shortly after the passing of Enzo Ferrari himself, Montezemolo built the Prancing Horse marque up to the benchmark supercar manufacturer, victorious racing team and household name it is today. In s

Ferrari CEO: Back to twin-turbo V8 for next-gen Enzo

What goes around comes around. Ferrari broke ground in the supercar sphere with the 288 GTO and F40, which both used twin-turbo V8 powertrains. The subsequent F50 and Enzo went with V12s, and the 599's mill was based off the Enzo's. But the next model in Ferrari's range-topping mid-engine exotic line will go back to the twin-spool eight-pot.

BREAKING: Jean Todt steps down as Ferrari CEO

Montezemolo, Felisa and Todt at Geneva 08. Click to view more.