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3.5 out of 5

1960 ? Fiat 500

2016-09-13 21:55:59

Had a Fiat 500 in 1963 while stationed in Puerto Rico. Great car. Convertable and easy to pull down top without stopping. Excellent condition. Paid $50.00 and sold for $100.00. My wife, dog and I drove all over the island in this dependable car. If I can clean up my desk, I have some pictures.

2017 FIAT 500

Fiesty Fun

2016-07-26 16:46:46

I've owned our "loaded" and unique FIAT 500 Lounge since 2011, and have enjoyed every mile: to date, ******************* garaged kept, and used only for touring, not commuting. I've had no mechanical, electrical, or hardware problems, ******** not a "daily" driver. Mind you, as an auto enthusiast, minor collector, and vintage racer, my expectations were realistic ********** capabilities, and with a responsive 6-speed automatic, my wife can enjoy it as well. I've replaced the too stiff (and too tall) stock rear coil springs with quality, progressive rate coils that lower the rear by about 1.25 inch and greatly enhance the ride, handling, braking, and appearance. To insure the best engine performance and gas mileage, use only premium (91+) octane fuel. CIAO!

2017 FIAT 500

Suprisingly Great Little Car

2013-01-03 22:40:55

As an previous owner of small cars and a current owner of a Mercedes SLK - I can safely say that my new 2013 Fiat 500 is a real blast to drive. After reading all of the "panned reviews" I was a bit hesitant, but after the test drive I was sold and bought a red 2013 500 Sport with a manual 5 speed transmission on December 28th. I have great doubts that those who wrote that the Fiat 500 ride was "bumpy," or it was unstable in the wind, or it lacked power going up hills - previously owned big sloppy Detroit built cars... and never really owned anything smaller. I drive mine to work on a combination of rural country roads and SoCal freeways 5 days and 500 miles a week . I've owned a 55 Chevy, Beetle, VW Van, Karmann Ghia, VW Rabbit Diesel, 5 Rx7s, 350 SL, 59 Cady, Mazda Miata, 2000 F250 diesel, 2004 F250 Diesel, 2006 and currently own a SLK 280 and an F450 diesel... in addition to my new Fiat 500 Sport. My findings: This is one of my favorite vehicles to drive of all time! Its very tight (well built), has firm steering and tracks well - even heavy gusts, has a smooth 5 speed manual transmission, and actually has enough acceleration to keep me up front in traffic and hums along in the faster lanes on the Freeways. And, for you techies... this car has a very effective Blue&Me to manage phone calls, and the displays provide efficient driving alerts - without being annoying. In sum, If you are looking for an inexpensive, fun, safe, and good riding small car - that gets 40 + mpg - this is the one for you.

2013 FIAT 500

Review of 2013 Fiat 500

2012-11-25 19:35:05

2013 Fiat 500

Flooded market

2012-05-09 14:43:11

We bought one of these for our daughter from Q Fiat in Dallas about 8 months ago as she liked the style and expected MPG. Unfortunately her MPG has averaged 30.2 which is just crazy for a car this small. When she ************* liked the one with the pink stripe and leather interior and we paid right around $21,000. She is leaving town and we wanted her to have someting a little more substantial so we went back to Q and were offered $12,000 trade in value (7,000 miles) on a new Chevrolet. That car cost us around $1100/month in depreciation. The bottom line is it is a cute little car but it costs more to drive than a larger, safer car with better MPG and normal depreciation rates. If you buy one buy it for it's cuteness but do not buy it thinking it has a low operating cost- especially now that the market is flooded with them.

2012 FIAT 500

Exciting driving experience!!!

2012-03-07 16:45:46

I have to say that I was former MINI Cooper owner. I was looking for a car that was stylish and gave me a better driving experience and that is what my FIAT Sport 500c is able to deliver. Lets face it the cost of the car was also very alluring as well. I have a long commute that is mostly highway driving so, it was important for me to find a car that has the fuel economy that I was looking for but was also able to make my pulse race. This totally wonderful car and I love the manual transmission!! The upgraded Bose sound system and wonderfully comfortable interior is GREAT. When I drove my MINI in the past, It felt like I was on the floor. The MINI was low to the ground that it made me feel uncomfortable on the highways. Thanks FIAT for making a fuel conscience car that feels like your driving a normal sized car tat can still fly on the highways!!

2012 FIAT 500

Amo il mio 500

2011-11-30 19:52:29

I did a lot of research before buying my 500 comparing it to cars from MINI, Chevy, Ford and Hyundai and the 500 stood well above the crowd. Yes, the 500 is not a car for everyone, it is more of a niche vehicle than a mass production car here in the USA and for my needs it fits perfectly. Over the recent holiday I made the 3 hour trip to visit my family and the 500 eagerly ate the miles. Comfortable seats, slick shifting manual transmission and a suspension that while not Caddy smooth was never jarring. Amenites like the Bose sound system and satellite radio were a joy. A who friend worried that the tiny Multi-Air engine would not be able to handle highway cruising was dead wrong. I had no problem passing semi-trailers moving at 80 mph. The rolling hills of the great plains seldom required the "constant rowing" I had read about. If I were to gripe about anything about the car it would be the narrow foot well for the driver. Heel-toe clutch work took a bit of adjusting to for my size 11 feet due to the smallish space. Otherwise I have no other complaints. Would I recommend the 500? Yes! Nor do I expect everyone to like it. I personally find the 500 to be a great car.

2012 FIAT 500

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