Next-generation Ford Fiesta ST won't be sold in America

Pour one out for a terrific little hot hatch.

  • Image Credit: Drew Phillips
It looks like the Fiesta ST's, and normal Fiesta's, days are numbered. According to CarBuzz, the director of Ford Performance in Europe said the newest version of Ford's littlest hot hatch won't come to the United States. His response implied that the normal Fiesta isn't coming to America, and because of that, it would be far too expensive to certify just the ST model for U.S. safety and emissions regulations.

This response, coupled with Romanian automotive site 0-100's report in which a Ford rep said the Fiesta isn't designed as a global car, but rather one for just select markets, paints a bleak picture for the little hatchback. Though, to be fair, that statement didn't explicitly say the car was dead in the United States. We reached out to American Ford representatives, but didn't receive any kind of confirmation regarding the future of the Fiesta. All they would tell us was the following official statement:

"We have introduced the next-generation Fiesta for Europe and Middle East & Africa. We'll have more to say about other markets at a later date. Customer demand for small vehicles continues to grow globally, and Fiesta is an important part of our portfolio."

In addition, soon Ford will have another Fiesta-sized vehicle in the lineup in the form of the EcoSport. And because it's a tiny crossover instead of a hatch, it will undoubtedly sell in greater numbers. It will also start with a higher price tag than the Fiesta it's based on, so it will probably make more money, too. So why take up space and marketing money with the normal Fiesta?

Though we still have a sliver of hope that Ford will consider giving the Fiesta a second chance (especially as a sudden rise in gas prices could always increase small car demand), we're bracing for the worst. And if you have your heart set on a new ST, maybe consider getting one sooner than later.

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