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AOL user 2014-02-19 21:09:39

This car looks great standing still. The sound system is great, the seats firm and comfortable, the ride decent, great gadgets - high beam assist works like a wizard - I'm an engineer and the ability for the car to figure out when to turn on and off the high beams is quite cool. HOWEVER, I get similar mpg to my 4.2 liter V-8 BMW X-5 (about 2-3 mpg more), but with a gutless 4 cylinder. At a standstill, you floor it, count to two, then the car starts accelerating. Under 3000 rpm you get nothing. At 3000 rpm, the turbo kicks in and gives you too much. It's really an issue in traffic. At 30 mph in moderate traffic, you barely give it a little gas and it drops what feels like two *********** 3000 rpm, snaps your head back, you get off the gas, tap the break, and start over. It is enough to make me hate driving it. I believe Land Rover realized this, as well as the horrible gas mileage, and put a 9 speed in the 2014. It's sticker is 30 mpg highway instead of 28. After shelling out mid 60's for the Dynamic version, I find myself regretting the commitment I made. I called Land Rover to see if they would take it back, and they said it is operating as designed, so no. The head mechanic at the dealership explained to me there is way too much piping between the turbo and the engine, making the turbo lag worse. I have been driving on the gravel/snow program, which reduces the hard downshifts, but decreases acceleration as well. I have never owned a vehicle I paid more for, and also hated it any more than this one. Shame on Land Rover/Tata for selling such a poorly designed vehicle.

2013 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

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