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4.5 out of 5

09 Ford Focus is most excellent

2012-04-27 20:37:10

I now have over 100K on my 09 Focus, I do regular maintenance and have not had any problems Love the gas mileage and the sporty handling.

2009 Ford Focus

Good car

2010-07-10 22:57:16

I have been driving my 2009 Focus 4 door SEL for almost 2 years. I have put about 50K miles on it and there are some good things and bad things about it. First, don't bother with Ford's dealer installed remote start. It quit working after a few months and the dealer wanted hundreds to "troubleshoot" the problem, that's right, they wanted more to trouble shoot problems with a product less than a year old than it would have cost for a new aftermarket remote start (which would have lasted longer). The handling pretty much sucks with stock tires. I suggest getting better tires, then the handling is acceptable, but, not as good as my old Ford Escort GT. Mileage is great. I typically get around 34 average and I can average 45 doing freeway at 55mph. Comfort on longer drives is okay for a small car. Trunk space is okay, maintenance so far has been pretty easy. Power kind of sucks compared to my old Ford Escort GT or even my Taurus, but, the mileage is so good I don't mind and pick up from 60 to 80 (passing) is okay. The visors suck, they fall out of the clips and get in the way. The dealer replaced one, don't put your CDs on the visor. The power ports and SYNC shorted out within about a month and the dealership fixed that free. Apparently someone misrouted a wire during assembly. All in all I can say it is a good car, but, not a great car. 3-4 stars.

2009 Ford Focus

Ford Drive One

2009-11-22 00:44:00

I am a Ford guy and that is all I drive; but I do research others. Rebates,37 mpg and features for the price hard to beat. The SYNC is great. I will be saving more miles on my $49,000 truck.

2009 Ford Focus

Great small car

2009-08-02 12:56:39

Handles well gets good gas milage.Fun to Drive

2009 Ford Focus

Fuel efficient and Fun to Drive

2009-07-07 23:50:38

After test driving the 2009 KIA Sportage, Corolla, and a Yaris, I decided to test drive a Ford. I wanted something affordable, that got good mileage. I tried the Ford Focus and fell in love, for the first time, with a car. I love how the car looks and how it handles. It is a lot of fun to drive. It has a roomy interior and is very comfortable. It was also very affordable and gets great mileage. HAVE YOU DRIVEN A FORD LATELY? You owe it to yourself to give it a test drive.

2009 Ford Focus

Very surprised...I really like this car

2009-06-14 22:15:19

I bought it in Mar and have put 3200+ miles on it so far, including one trip OH to MI and another OH to MA and back. It drives very well, is very comfortable (feels bigger than it is), and has a big trunk for its size. I'm getting 41mpg on the highway (at 65mph...at 55 mph I got 49pmg!!) and about 31mpg around town. Interior is a little plasticky, but okay. I have a high sitting height and I've got plenty of headroom without reclining the seat (a complaint I have about Hondas). Road noise is less than my Toyota Matrix. Handles okay. Gages, etc easy to read. I test drove it against Cobalt, HHR, Malibu, Scion, Matrix, Rondo, G6. I like it better than all of them.

2009 Ford Focus

What a deal - buy now.....

2009-06-06 02:29:23

Dealer rebate, manufacturer rebate, state sales tax and car loan interest deductible on federal itemized taxes (see stimulus package details). Went from leasing a Toyota Highlander to purchasing the top of the line 2009 SEL Focus. Have 2 17 year olds and an 88 year old father. All are about 6 feet tall. No **************** heads getting in and out of car. Good interior head room. Audiophile system sounds great and offers all types of connections to your ipod or MP3. Satellite radio is a treat. Moon roof with heated leather offers excellent comfort and style. Heating and cooling are immediate. Road quiet! Averaging 29.4 city/hwy and 36 hwy with only 2500 miles on it. Would like an interior trunk release and locked gas cap... that's it. Had two close calls with people pulling in front of me out of "nowhere". Defensive driving put to the test. The steering responsiveness and gas pedal push for speed eliminated accidents and made me very happy to have such an excellent handling vehicle. You've done good FORD - keep it up.

2009 Ford Focus

looks good,

2009-05-12 11:42:07

2009 Ford Focus

i love it

2009-03-24 13:55:23

My parents got me the 2009 Focus as my first car! I love my car its so awesome! Its stylish but safe also it looks like a teen car and my parents arnt worried about me gettin into to many accidents. I deff advise anyone to buy this car!!!!

2009 Ford Focus

Second Blue Focus

2009-03-21 11:52:46

I had a 2001 Focus zx3. I put 180,000 miles on it in about eight years. Things were starting to go wrong. Plus with the snow and weather it was time. I paid a thousand less for the new 09 compared to the 01. The engine seemed to be a little quicker in the 01, but the 09 is quieter. Took the dealer a while to find a plain jane. Roll up windows are tough to find. We drove it to Deadwood Sd, a few weeks ago. Averaged thirty five per until the mountains. Then thirty two. I am so far happy with my eleven k car.

2009 Ford Focus

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