Ford extends clutch warranty on 2014-2016 Focus and Fiesta with DCT

Owners will get a two-year/40,000-mile extended warranty

Ford has been going through a mess of problems when it comes to the dual-clutch transmissions offered in the Focus and Fiesta. So, today Ford announced that it’s extending the clutch warranty on certain 2014-2016 Focus and Fiesta vehicles with the dual-clutch transmission by two years or 40,000 miles, to a total of seven years or 100,000 miles. This action brings the newer vehicles’ warranties in line with the extended warranties of some of the older cars.

This news doesn’t change the 10-year/150,000-mile transmission control module warranty. Additionally, anyone who paid for clutch repairs out of pocket is going to be reimbursed for those repairs now that the extended warranty is in place. 

Dave Filipe, Ford Vice President of powertrain engineering wrote in a statement: “Ford understands and regrets that many customers have been inconvenienced and frustrated by the performance of the DPS6 transmission. Earning and keeping the trust of customers is vital to everything we do. That is why Ford and its dealers have gone to great lengths to improve the performance of the transmission.”

The second part of the news today concerns a software update that Ford is still offering folks who own these cars. Ford has already updated the transmission control modules for 84 percent of the cars, but it says 16 percent of owners haven’t come in for the update yet. This update provides an enhanced warning that indicates when the transmission control module is going to fail. It’s free, and Ford is taking this opportunity to try and get as many people on the new software as possible.

The aforementioned extended warranty will cover approximately 560,000 cars, and the update is still waiting to be applied to 165,000 cars, according to Ford.

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