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4.0 out of 5


2010-03-13 20:25:45

This is, I mean WAS my 2nd BMW. Now it's gone. Had it in and out of the shop literally from day one. Mostly same problems-- had two new alternators in as many months. Fun to drive (when it worked) and very, very comfortable. BMW was really nice to buy it back-- now I have a Lexus.

2007 BMW X5

Review of 2007 BMW X5

2010-01-29 22:42:19

Love this car. This is my third SUV; second luxury vehicle. This one is the most impressive by far. A car worth owning and driving.

2007 BMW X5

2007 X5 and BMW's poor response to recurring issues lost a 20 year customer

2009-09-06 03:52:36

My 2007 X5 4.8 has been nothing but a nightmare and the worse vehicle I have ever owned. I've owned many new BMWs (3, 5, and two 7 series) and all have their own "unique" (sometimes annoying) traits that can be overlooked because of their great performance and driver feedback. The best by far was the 750IL 12 cylinder (never should have traded that car!). However, my X5 is a completely different experience, It is a loser, a huge disappointment in terms of quality control, problems and the worse part is how BMW has handled the issue - which is very poorly. To give a simple perspective on my experience, the vehicle was in for recurring warranty issues 75 days in first two years. Check Engine light errors (and yes, I tighten the gas cap after filling up), starting engine issues, windows that go down/up on own, warning lights that vehicle is dangerous to drive, dripping cosmoline, and a rear hatch door that decides on its own when it wants to stay closed and when it wants to unlatch itself. I have two friends with 07 X5s and both have had recurring problems with cosmoline and check engine lights coming on as well. This is first year of remodeled X5 and HOPEFULLY, BMW will identify the issues and not be in denial over what is in my opinion, the worse car they have ever produced. Unfortunately, BMW's response to my issues has been the most disappointing aspect of my ownership experience. The "lemon" is really the company itself. Perhaps losing so much money over past year has caused BMW to lose focus on customer relations. Or, perhaps BMW's upper management is too detached from the customer and more concerned about their stock option portfolios, but if BMW continues down this road, they will surely lose credibility with more and more long-term loyal (formally) customers like myself. BMW, the time to "up" your customer service is when things are tough...get real if you think customers will spend the kind of money we do on cars with a company that clearly doesn't care.

2007 BMW X5

Review of 2007 BMW X5

2008-08-12 20:15:20

2007 BMW X5

Review of 2007 BMW X5

2008-04-03 06:35:36

2007 x5 3.0 bran new the lifters are hitting and the dealer is telling me this is normal. im not happy.

2007 BMW X5

Love it

2008-02-21 03:02:24

I just have to say EXCELLENT SUV. This is my first BMW Car and I love it from the first day.

2007 BMW X5

X5 With Big Engine is Great!

2007-09-10 05:42:54

I bought a 2007 X5 with the 4.8 engine this spring and love it. Great handling and acceleration. I really like the ride on country roads and mountains.

Only downside is the I Drive - has to be the most complicated thing I have ever tried to figure out.

2007 BMW X5

I've owned two X-5s, and they are both fantastic!

2007-09-10 02:43:04

I have owned a number of BMWs, and I had one of the first X-5s built. Both are V-8s, and both engines were/are superb! I like the larger size, and the increased comfort in both the front and back seats. I now have 11000 miles on the new one without any problems. The quality both inside and out is equally superb. Personally, I would not buy any other SUV regardless of price. My only complaint is the IDrive is overly complicated and the key/starter button is redundant. However, I would recommend this car to anyone.

2007 BMW X5


2007-08-13 05:53:31

bought a new gray x5, 3 weeks into ownership, during that time had it towed 3 times before BMW replaced the battery wiring - faulty wiring. Also the dynamic drive kept malfunctioning, sport package/ hydraulic suspension- faulty, and part was on back order for 3 months

Traded it in for a new White x5, 2 days into ownership dynamic drive was faulty again part was on back order. Also had to replace the main Computer due to Software/ hardware issues

this is my 1st BMW purchase, hope my next one is better

2007 BMW X5

Review of 2007 BMW X5

2007-08-08 01:25:26

2007 BMW X5

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