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2002 Jeep Wrangler Review. Brad Rowald

2011-02-12 15:44:31

I have had no problems with this vehicle. I use it for everything from casual driving, to hauling, to even snow plowing. This vehicle is just ******************* very light, so towing can get a little tiresome in unruly wet muddy or icy conditions, but the weight comes as an advantage during off roading adventures. Living in a snow prone area I have had my share of getting stuck in the snow with other vehicles. But with this jeep it's nearly impossible. Sometimes I go out i nthe middle of an ice storm just to show off my jeeps capabilities to all those saps stuck in their driveways. It's not a pretty car, but just seeing it gives me goose bumps when I think of the historical significance of this vehicle. It was designed for military tough, and it still is even after several generations. The automatic shift is what I use, which also allows for fine street driving. Don't expect good MPG with this little monster though, you are going to be looking at around 15 - 17 mpg, but the freedom to go anywhere anytime really makes up for that, and I would be hard pushed to switch to any standard vehicle in the near future. If you are looking for cargo capacity this may not be the one for you either, you have about half a foot of cargo width in the back, though you can compensate for this by attaching cargo racks on the back and top. Overall for the price this is a great get up and go vehicle, expect to get calls from your friends saying they need help getting out of some sticky situations. :)

2002 Jeep Wrangler

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