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3.5 out of 5

Best small car I ever owned

2008-12-27 11:00:20

Purchased new in 2000. Other than the engine lite comming on which was repaired by the dealer (oxygen senser) under warranty. This car ran flawlessly through the years with great fuel economy too. Normall wear and tear; breaks, tires, alignment oil change every 5000 mi. Still running strong!

2001 Ford Focus

Hated it initially but came to love it

2007-09-08 01:40:21

The first year the "Check Engine" light came on 7 or 8 times at intervals of 10 to 200 miles, After many trips to the dealer and one "Lemon Law" arbitration attempt, they finally found the problem: a vacuum hose touching a hot surface, Once corrected, the car has performed perfectly. I get great highway and city/burb mileage. The ride is very comfortable. Acceleration is all that I could desire. The only other fault is the windshield washer reservoir design which sloshes fluid out of the breather hole with every hard decelleration.

2001 Ford Focus

My 2001 Still Going Strong

2007-09-04 07:13:33

I purchased a 2001 ZX3 with a sport package new in June of 2001. It has had a couple of recalls, but those were handled quickly by my dealer. Other than normal wear and tear repairs, it has had nothing major wrong with it. It handles well and still looks good even after suffering major hail damage in a storm two years ago; which my dealer repaired and it looks like new again. I can't agree with the other two reviews for the 2001 Focus, but maybe I got lucky!

2001 Ford Focus

worse car I ever had

2007-08-01 09:38:13

I owned a 2001 Focus and it was the a piece of junk. When the car was less than 1 month old the brakes locked up when they were applied under normal driving conditions. I was lucky I was able to avoid a telephone pole. The tires wore out at 25,000 miles, and within 1 year the brakes and rotors had to be replaced. The auto reviewers must have investments in Ford or they are being paid off because this car is a piece of junk. Ford-found on road dead or fix and repair daily. I bought a 10 year old Mazda Protege with 111,000 miles on it that was $11,000 cheaper and lasted much longer. I don't recommend purchasing a Focus for the price they are charging. What a ripoff. Henry Ford would be disappointed with this overpriced, low quality piece of junk

2001 Ford Focus

Focus on getting there!

2007-08-01 03:14:13

I bought a 2001 Focus SE wagon brand new off the lot,and this car has been in the shop more than its been on the road.I tried to file the lemon law on it and they claimed it was not a safety issue.This has been the worse vehical i have ever owned.other than other Ford products.But i do have a Dodge to drag it back home each time.

2001 Ford Focus

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