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It's like being married to a "high maintenance" woman.

Alpgu 2009-02-06 02:28:35

I bought this 2000 Range Rover for my mother for Christmas. It is a very classy, smooth, and safe vehicle. The engine is smooth and powerful enough (4.6 HSE) for city and highway driving for her. I'm sure from lots of confirmations that it is one of the best 4 wheel drive/off road vehicles on the market, but my mother doesn't really get into that (except for shopping mall curbs). The only thing I have a complain about is that the amount of times I have brought it to the dealer for warranty work. There hasn't been anything mechanical, but lots and lots of electrical/sensor problems. Here are the following: Mass Air Flow sensor (service engine soon light), Air Bag light (new driver's seat airbag replaced), air conditioning sensor replaced (climate control, "open book" icon on a/c display), Right Rear Reverse Light bulb malfunction message on instrumental display (BECU "computer board"), and I think that's about it....oh, "LOW SCREEN WASHER" message keeps popping up and the container is full, ******** not anything I'm gonna run to the dealer and have fixed right away. I am the one that takes it to the dealer every month to have these things repaired, but I must have to say that the dealer that I take it too (Land Rover American Fork, Utah) is by far the best dealer to take it to for warranty work. As much as I hate going there, my service advisor, Kent, makes bringing my Land Rover a pleasant and painless experience. If you do take your Rover in for warranty work/repairs, you might want to take it to a "CERTIFIED" Rover dealer. I don't know if that's it or these guys are just good, but they make me like my Range Rover again after I get mad at the damn thing!!!! This is why I relate this vehicle to a "high maintenance" mate, I love the looks, the heart, but damn do I have to spend a lot of "off time" in my business to keep it in top shape.....IT'S WORTH IT!!! Overall, GET ONE!!

2000 Land Rover Range Rover

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