2000 BMW X5 Reviews

2000 X5 New Car Test Drive


What image does BMW conjure up in your mind? A car that handles like a dream, that is fast and sporty yet luxurious and comfortable? Chances are that's exactly what you expect of a BMW. An SUV? It conjures up a rugged truck-like vehicle that goes off-road but does not deliver a smooth ride or good handling on the highway. 

A sport-utility vehicle from BMW? Can it be? That's the question many have asked since BMW announced it was introducing a 'sport activity vehicle.' It's now on sale in the US and it promises to change the perception of the SUV. If you've been looking for a luxury SUV that is as pleasant to drive as a luxury sedan, the X5 might be just the car you're looking for. 


BMW launched the X5 as one upscale model powered by a 4.4-liter V8 engine. The 4.4i retails for $49,970, including destination charge. In spring 2000, BMW will start selling another version powered by a 2.8-liter six-cylinder engine. It is expected to be priced about $10,000 lower than the X5 4.4i and will have slightly less standard equipment. 

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