1999 Jeep Wrangler Reviews

1999 Wrangler New Car Test Drive


This is the undisputed king of all-road vehicles, but living with a Jeep Wrangler is much easier than it used to be. 

The Wrangler was completely redesigned and re-engineered for 1997 and the result was a vast improvement over its predecessors in every respect. Now it's quieter, roomier and more comfortable. It rides better. It handles better. It's more capable off road. And it's affordable. 

During the past two years, there have been refinements to further improve it. Yet the Wrangler remains true to its gritty heritage dating back to World War II when Jeeps served with distinction around the globe. If you've wanted a Wrangler for years, be sure and buy this latest generation-distinguished by its round headlights. 

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