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BMW exports over one million vehicles from South Carolina factory

American automakers have long struggled to export U.S. made vehicles to overseas markets. BMW, on the other hand, has apparently had no such problem. After 15 years of building cars and SUVs in Spartanburg, South Carolina the company has now shipped over one million cars to overseas markets. That's nearly two-thirds of all of the production from the plant.

RR of the Day: 2001 BMW M Coup�

Everyone has a list of vehicles that they want to drive before they die, for me, today's RR of the Day is a vehicle that I've vowed to own. The first time I saw an M coupé in person at a strip mall in my hometown, I waited 20 minutes for the owner to come out, interrogated him for a half an hour and then talked him in to giving me a ride. Unlike today's example, his black 2000 model housed a 240 HP, S52 engine that provided ample motivation for the three-door oddity. CT57's, however, is e

Cross-Dresser: Miata fronts as Z3 on eBay

When does a 1995 Mazda Miata cease being a Miata? We're not sure it ever truly does, but the owner of this particular example put in a Herculean effort to try and make it happen. No folks, your eyes do not deceive you: despite all the Bimmer-look trickery, the car you see here is a '95 Miata with 85,000 miles on the odometer, and if you want it, it's just a click away at eBay.

Wll the next roadster from BMW be a Z6?

With rumors and speculation swirling, the folks at Hidden Image took the info they had and created a couple of images of just what a Z6 roadster might look like. How about a Z6 with a 500 BHP V10 and a proper 6-speed manual transmission? Hold on to your toupee!