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Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid and EV Buyer's Guide: Which one do you want?

Making sense of these three high-tech powertrains.

If you're shopping for a new vehicle these days, there's a litany of acronyms, buzzwords, and technobabble to further complicate an already difficult decision. But if you're looking at a green powertrain, you have three basic choices to compare: hybrid, plug-in hybrid and "EV" or, electric vehicle.

First Drive
Superformance Corvette Grand Sport First Drive: A roarty, snorting real-life unicorn

For those who want something with car-guy cred out the sidepipes and only five known examples.

Car Buying
Leasing vs. buying: The important differences and how to choose

Not all monthly payments are created equal.

New car leasing offers reasonable monthly payments, often with minimal down-payments.

These are the best family vehicles of 2017

Of all of the life events the predicate a new car purchase, a growing family is the most terrifyingly exciting. Here's how to pick the right vehicle.

Grande Tour: Visiting The Mullin Museum's Citroën Exhibit

"Citroën: The Man, The Marque, The Mystique."

The Mullin Automotive Museum has dedicated itself to Citroën until Spring of 2018 with "Citroën: The Man, The Marque, The Mystique".

First Drive
Fewer cylinders, more turbo | 2018 Honda Accord Powertrain Prototype First Drive

Can modified Type-R guts make up for killing the V6?

Less is more under the hood of the Accord.

Quick Spin
Honda Clarity EV and PHEV: One is clearly much better

One rare misstep by Honda. One where it nails the details.

The thinking from Honda is that each of these powertrains is best for a certain customer.

First Drive
A Golf by any other name | 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf First Drive

An electric car that puts the car first.

Electricity, delivered in a familiar package.

Secrets of the next Corvette's engine and lineup, all figured out (we think)

How Chevy will make a DOHC engine, a ZR-1, and a mid-engine supercar.

GM's been hiding its plan in plain sight, and we think we've cracked the code.