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Making sense of these three high-tech powertrains.

If you're shopping for a new vehicle these days, there's a litany of acronyms, buzzwords, and technobabble to further complicate an already difficult decision. But if you're looking at a green powertrain, you have three basic choices to compare: hybrid, plug-in hybrid and "EV" or, electric vehicle.

First Drive

For those who want something with car-guy cred out the sidepipes and only five known examples.

Car Buying

Not all monthly payments are created equal.

New car leasing offers reasonable monthly payments, often with minimal down-payments.


Of all of the life events the predicate a new car purchase, a growing family is the most terrifyingly exciting. Here's how to pick the right vehicle.


"Citroën: The Man, The Marque, The Mystique."

The Mullin Automotive Museum has dedicated itself to Citroën until Spring of 2018 with "Citroën: The Man, The Marque, The Mystique".

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Can modified Type-R guts make up for killing the V6?

Less is more under the hood of the Accord.

Quick Spin

One rare misstep by Honda. One where it nails the details.

The thinking from Honda is that each of these powertrains is best for a certain customer.

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An electric car that puts the car first.

Electricity, delivered in a familiar package.


How Chevy will make a DOHC engine, a ZR-1, and a mid-engine supercar.

GM's been hiding its plan in plain sight, and we think we've cracked the code.