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If you are a fan of the Audi Shooting Brake Concept, you've gotta check out its new microsite — an up-close look at the stunning concept featuring some innovative flash navigation (albeit a bit confusing at times). And of course, they've got a bunch of wallpapers and a screensaver ready for download. Enjoy.

With gas prices as high as they are nowadays, more and more Americans are starting to consider hybrids as an option for their next car purchase. And if you want a Prius, better get your order in now and be prepared for the wait — according to ToMoCo, the waiting list in the U.S. has gone from two months in September to three to four months in October. Rest assured, the debate over the validity of hybrids will be raging all the while you wait for yours.

By now, you've probably seen VW's new TV commercials for its 2006

There's no question Porsche had a great year. How great? Well, just ask any of its 11,700 employees how they feel about their $3,900 bonuses. That's right. Porsche will be distributing a total of $45 million in bonuses this year thanks to a banner year where in which it sold 40,000 Cayennes, 24,000 911s and 13,000 Boxters. And with its product lineup expanding, it sure is a good time to be working at Porsche.

I had to change a tire recently after discovering a big nail stuck

There is no doubt the 2006 Zephyr is a very important car for

Ready for some automotive industry soap opera?

This guy definitely earned himself a spot on the "World's Dumbest

Earlier this month, we told you about

Talk about timing. The annual World Car Free Day kicked off on September 22nd as millions of Texans got on the road in their CARS to escape from the wrath of Hurricane Rita. The event, which promotes alternatives to car dependence and automobile-based planning, drew harsh criticism from opponents stating "it's not a day to celebrate" and noting that "lack of access to cars can be deadly — as demonstrated by the experience of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina." We at Autoblog could n